Why Are White Belts Banned From Jumping Guard?

Why Are White Belts Banned From Jumping Guard?

Can white belts jump guard?

As a result of a number of similar such injuries, the IBJJF has ruled jumping to closed guard on a standing opponent is prohibited for white belts.

Why is jumping guard dangerous?

The primary danger occurs when the top player has one of their legs extended in front – in a staggered stance. The guard jumper will leap up and may land flush on the front leg – hyper extending the knee-joint and unfortunately causing a broken leg or serious knee injury.

Can blue belts jump guard?

Jumping guard pulls are still allowed for blue belts and above.

What is jumping guard in BJJ?

Jumping to guard is where an individual jumps and, in mid air, tries to wrap her legs around her opponent’s waist before pulling the opponent to the ground. Even high-ranking BJJ practitioners can be injured by a poorly-performed guard jumping attempt, as the following video clearly illustrates.

Should you pull guard?

Takedowns and throws are paramount in the BJJ self-defense system. If you ‘re in a tournament or some kind of submission grappling competition, go ahead and pull guard. If you know a bunch of takedowns and throws but opt for pulling guard in a Sport Jiu Jitsu situation for some kind of strategic advantage, great.

Are bicep slicers legal?

The bicep slicer submission, as a compression lock is subject to some specific competition rules. As such, it is legal under IBJJF/UAEJJF rules only after the rank of brown belt. Attacking with one intentionally before that is going to get you disqualified.

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Are toe holds legal for white belts?

It’s illegal because it is not near your armpit. Since it is lower across the body, they will likely call it a toe hold.

Are bicep slicers illegal in BJJ?

In Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions however, the biceps slicer is an illegal technique in lower level divisions of some major tournaments. It’s considered a dangerous technique because the reaction time between the pain and the tap is very short.

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