Which Frog Wins The Jumping Contest Why?

Which Frog Wins The Jumping Contest Why?

Which frog wins the jumping contest why quizlet?

The stranger ends up winning the competition because Jim Smiley’s frog is unable to jump.

Why did Smiley’s frog lose the jumping competition?

When a stranger passes through town, Smiley is eager to challenge the man to a frog – jumping competition. The stranger accepts, but when Smiley isn’t looking, he fills Webster with quail-shot to weigh him down, causing Webster to lose the competition and thereby earning the stranger Smiley’s 40 dollars.

What is the outcome of the contest between Smiley’s frog?

“The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” is actually a short story that was written by Mark Twain. And based on this story, the result of the competition between Smiley’s frog and the stranger’s frog is the stranger’s frog wins. The answer is the last option.

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How does the Notorious Jumping Frog End?

As the old man is about to finish the story of Jim Smiley’s jumping frog, he is interrupted by another individual. The narrator attempts to leave the locale, but the old man catches up with him. The story ends up with the old man beginning to tell the narrator about what?

How did the stranger get Smiley to leave him alone with the frog?

How did the stranger get Smiley to leave him alone with the frog? He said he had no frog. As soon as he got the money, the stranger ran off without a word. After he discovered that the frog had been weighted, Smiley forced the stranger to give back the money.

How does a stranger cheat Smiley out of a bet on his frog in The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County?

How did the stranger beat Jim Smiley in the bet? Jim tried to double his money by betting that his frog would still win even with a spoonful of quail shot in his belly.

What is Jim Smiley’s weakness?

Jim Smiley Although we don’t get the story from Jim Smiley’s point of view, his supposed actions drive the story. We admire Jim because he’s like most of us: he has a weakness, in this case for gambling (he’s very human), but he’s generally a good guy who just wants to have a bit of fun.

Why does Jim’s frog lose?

Why does Jim’s frog lose? He’s been poisoned. He’s too tired. The stranger’s frog is a world champion jumper.

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What is Jim Smiley’s dog strategy for winning dogfights what eventually happens to him?

What is Jim Smiley’s dog’s strategy for winning dogfights? What eventually happens to him? The dog’s strategy is to appear weak, having only front legs, and then reveal his nature during the fight when the other dogs are unable to grab his hind legs to win.

How did Smiley train the frog to jump?

Answer: For three months, Jim Smiley did nothing but sit in his backyard and teach his pet frog, Dan’l Webster, how to jump higher. Smiley trained the frog to jump on command when he tapped its back, and he taught it to catch any fly with its tongue, no matter the distance.

Why is the frog so important to Smiley?

The first reason Smiley is proud of his frog is because his frog is an amazing jumper. Readers are told that the frog is ” so gifted” and that the frog’s strong suit is jumping on level ground. He could cover a great distance in a very short amount of time, and other animals of his breed are slower in those conditions.

What did Smiley teach the frog and how did he teach it?

How did Smiley train the frog? He trained the frog to catch flies by tapping him from behind.

What is the message of The Celebrated Jumping Frog?

One of the main themes in “ Jumping Frog ” is deceitfulness and lies as well as the fine line that exists between cunningness and deceitfulness. In the story, Jim Smiley often uses ordinary or unnoticeable animals to win his bets, underdogs that come back and win at the last minute.

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Why was the jumping frog so popular?

Because of its popularity, when Twain published his first collection of stories, he made “ Jumping Frog ” the title piece. The letter-writing structure initially used in this tale was popular at that time and also contributed to the story’s success.

Why is the Calaveras County jumping frog contest so popular?

The first real frog-jumping contest was organized in 1928 to celebrate the paving of Angel Camp’s Main Street. Over the years, the contest has become the most popular attraction at the Angel Camp annual fair, which also includes music, a craft show, local talent and the Miss Calaveras Scholarship Pageant.

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