What Is Baby Jumping Festival?

What Is Baby Jumping Festival?

What happens at the baby jumping festival?

Look Inside Spain’s Unusual Baby Jumping Festival This unorthodox baptism dates back to the 17th century and has roots in paganism. During the festival, red and yellow-masked “devils” run through the streets hurling insults at villagers and whipping them with a horsetail attached to a stick.

Why is the baby jumping festival celebrated?

Baby jumping (Spanish: El Colacho ) is a traditional Spanish festival dating back to 1620. It takes place annually to celebrate the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi in Castrillo de Murcia, a village in the municipality of Sasamón in the province of Burgos.

Why do people in Spain jump over babies?

Every June men in the Spanish town of Castrillo de Murcia dress as devils and hurdle over newborn babies to drive away evil — part of the the festival of El Salto del Colacho. Meaning “the devil’s jump,” it happens in northern Spain, near the city of Burgos, and has been going on since 1620.

What day is the baby jumping festival?

The event takes place every first Saturday after Corpus Christi. Leap on over to the Baby Jumping Festival on June 6, 2021.

What is El Salto del Colacho?

El Salto del Colacho, meaning the devil’s leap, is the annual baby jumping festival held in the village of Castrillo de Murcia near Burgos. Baby jumping is a traditional Spanish practice dating back to 1620 that takes place annually to celebrate the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi.

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What does the church think of El Colacho?

Despite its religious foundations, the El Colacho festivity has been frowned upon by the highest Catholic authorities. Pope Benedict has recently instructed Catholic priests in the area to distance themselves from the practice as it is considered to go against traditional Catholic practices.

Who participates in El Colacho?

Baby Jumping Festival or “ El Colacho ” is the most puzzling event. It takes place each year in a small town of Castrillo de Murcia of Spain. This festival is a part of the catholic celebrations for Corpus Christi.

What is the date of El Colacho?

El Colacho Featured in Baby jumping or El Colacho takes place on the first Sunday after Corpus Christi. Apart from colorful costumes, the Devils have whips and castanets, which they use to conduct mock attacks on the crowds, watching the unusual and somewhat scary spectacle.

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