Readers ask: Where Can I Buy Jumping Castles In South Africa?

Readers ask: Where Can I Buy Jumping Castles In South Africa?

How much is a jumping castle in Pretoria?


10m Double Slide 3 in 1 with roof
Price: R400 per day Price: R500 for 2 days size: 10m(L)x 3.3m(W) Price: R350 per day Price: R450 for 2 days size: 8m(L)x 4m(W)
Adventure Island Balloon Dunk


Where can I buy jumping castle in Pretoria?

Rainbow Inflatables is a leading supplier of jumping castles for sale in Pretoria and the rest of Gauteng. When purchasing jumping castles, make sure that you buy form a reputable supplier of jumping castles for sale in Pretoria, to avoid purchasing low quality inflatable products.

Is a bouncy castle business profitable?

The adult bouncy castle hire market can be very lucrative but this market isn’t the best place to start. However, once you think about expanding from your core inflatables. The larger adult inflatable units are also great for taking to events, fun days and corporate events too.

How much does a jumping castle weigh?

This is a difficult question to answer outright as every bouncy castle and inflatable is obviously a different weight depending on its size and the type inflatable – for example, our 15x11ft bouncy castle (for children) weighs approximately 58kg, whereas a 18x18ft adult bouncy castle weighs approximately 84kg.

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How do I start a jumping castle business?

  1. Register your business with your state.
  2. Purchase inflatable bounce houses.
  3. Market your services by advertising in local newspapers, yellow pages and creating an online presence.
  4. Set up a separate phone line and an email account to stay in contact with customers.
  5. Train employees with an accredited training program.

How are bouncy castles made?

Each wall and base is individually stitched by hand with each different colour panel being stitched together to make a wall, floor and roof and then the larger pieces are stitched together so the wall has a top and inside and outside and the bottom.

Do you need insurance to hire out a bouncy castle?

Absolutely YES you definitely need public liability insurance if you are hiring out bouncy castles or inflatables to the general public. There are lots of insurance companies that specifically deal with leisure insurance lie hiring out bouncy castles etc.

How much does it cost to run a bouncy castle?

Q: How much does it cost to run the bouncy castle all day? A: The bouncy castle runs on a 750w motor, and therefore costs around 10p per hour to run.

Are bouncy castles a good investment?

Hiring out bouncy castles and inflatables is a really great business to be in either full time or part time, and the rewards can be high. As well as the “fun factor”, i.e. delighting children, and their parents, or adults, at an adult party, the monetary rewards and cash-flow can be excellent.

Can you put a jumping castle on concrete?

Bouncy castles are usually installed on grass but can sometimes be installed on concrete. Yet, for security purposes, most companies will not offer to install bouncy castles on concrete, especially on a windy day. The use of bouncy castles outdoors also depends on the current weather condition.

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How much does a jumpy house cost?

A consumer bounce house only costs around $200 to $300, or even cheaper. Meanwhile, an equally-sized commercial bounce house can cost $1000 or more.

How heavy is a water slide?

A 21.5′ x 15.5′ x 13.5′ bounce house slide combo weighs 283 lbs, while a 19′ x 15′ x 14′ combo weighs 415′. Bounce house water slide combos are roughly the same, too; a 26′ x 13′ x 14.5′ unit weighs around 302 lbs.

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