Readers ask: What You Got Jumping Phrase Meaning?

Readers ask: What You Got Jumping Phrase Meaning?

What does it mean if you got jumped?

slang To attack (someone), usually unexpectedly. David has a black eye because he got jumped coming home last night. vulgar slang To have sex (with someone).

What does jumping mean in slang?

to engage in intimate physical contact, usually intercourse. Also jump (one’s) bones. I want to jump him. See more words with the same meaning: sex or not-quite-sex (ambiguous terms).

How do you jump on someone?

to get an advantage over other people by doing something before they do: The company is trying to get a jump on their competitors by putting a lot of money into research.

What does jumping someone’s bones mean?

jump ( someone’s ) bones Vulgar Slang. To have sexual intercourse with someone.

What is the synonym of jumping?

Leaping; jumping; dancing.

What is a jump off Urban Dictionary?

jumpoff (plural jumpoffs) ( slang ) A sexual partner who is more than a one-night stand but with whom one does not intend to form a long-term romantic relationship.

What does it mean getting laid?

very informal. to have sex: He just wanted to get laid.

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What does it mean when someone wants to jump you?

when someone says they want to “jump ” you, they mean have sex with you. he’s not saying he will jump you (of course, you would have to consent), but it’s a playful way of him telling you how you are making him feel (he could even be hinting!

What does jump into mean?

to suddenly decide to do something, especially without thinking about it carefully: Investors shouldn’t jump into moving their funds without carefully reviewing their financial situation.

What does jump the shark mean?

The term ” jumping the shark,” as coined by Jon Hein for his Website devoted to the devolution of television shows, signals a pivot point in which a writer’ room starts resorting to desperate measures to maintain viewers’ interest.

Where does jumping your bones come from?

Origin of: Jump someone’s bones American slang for sexual intercourse from a crude male perspective dates from the 1960s.

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