Readers ask: In The Notorious Jumping Frog Of Calaveras Country What Is Jimsimley’s Favorite Thing To Do?

Readers ask: In The Notorious Jumping Frog Of Calaveras Country What Is Jimsimley’s Favorite Thing To Do?

What does Jim Smiley do?

Jim Smiley was a man who was hopelessly addicted to gambling. He placed bets compulsively, but he also invested in gambling seriously as his occupation. He would bet on just about any random event if he had someone to bet against him, and in those cases he wasn’t picky about which side he was on.

What kind of things did Jim Smiley bet on?

Lots of the boys here has seen that Smiley, and can tell you about him. Why, it never made no difference to him–he would bet on any thing –the dangdest feller.

What type of person is Jim Smiley?

An honest and hardworking man, Smiley never cheats in his bets and instead spends his efforts training his weak-looking animals—including his mare, his bulldog named Andrew Jackson, and his frog named Dan’l Webster—to be unlikely champions.

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What was Jim Smiley’s foible?

Smiley’s human foible adds to the story’s humor. What foible does Smiley demonstrate? Smiley is naive. When he leaves the stranger alone with his frog, the stranger takes advantage of his trusting nature.

Why does Jim Smiley lose his bet?

The stranger does not have a frog, so Smiley goes off to the swamp to procure another and, while he is gone, the stranger feeds Dan’l Webster some “quail shot” to make him heavier and, therefore, unable to jump high. The stranger’s ploy works: Dan’l Webster cannot jump at all and Smiley loses the bet.

What does Smiley do if he cant get someone to bet?

2. What does Smiley do if he cannot get someone to bet? Smiley changes sides and tries to get the person to bet in the opposite way.

How did Smiley train the frog to jump?

Answer: For three months, Jim Smiley did nothing but sit in his backyard and teach his pet frog, Dan’l Webster, how to jump higher. Smiley trained the frog to jump on command when he tapped its back, and he taught it to catch any fly with its tongue, no matter the distance.

How much does Jim Smiley bet on his frog?

The stranger’s frog jumps away while Dan’l does not budge, and the surprised and disgusted Jim pays the $40 wager.

Why does Smiley get angry?

Smiley was hoping to convince the stranger to bet on how well Dan’l could jump. Dan’l looked like he had something wrong with him, and Smiley was worried. Simon Wheeler had cheated on a bet, and Smiley was angry.

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Is Leonidas Smiley real?

Smiley is a myth; that my friend never knew such a personage; and that he only conjectured that if I asked old Wheeler about him, it would remind him of his infamous Jim Smiley, and he would go to work and bore me to death with some exasperating reminiscence of him as long and as tedious as it should be useless to me.

How long did it take Smiley to train his frog to jump?

How long did Smiley train his frog, and to do what? For 3 months, he taught the frog to jump.

How did a stranger outsmart Smiley?

How did the stranger outwit smiley? Shove led (buck shot) down the frogs throat so it couldn’t jump.

What is Jim Smiley’s most notable trait?

What is Jim Smiley’s most notable trait? He is really tall.

How did Smiley’s mare win races?

What did the boys call smiley’s mare? How did she win races? She was sick and therefore got a head start. She was slow but towards the end got very excited and ran fast and won.

Why was smiley so proud of his frog?

The first reason Smiley is proud of his frog is because his frog is an amazing jumper. Readers are told that the frog is ” so gifted” and that the frog’s strong suit is jumping on level ground. Men from “everywheres” have heard about the frog. They spread the news that his frog “laid over any frog that ever they see.”

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