Readers ask: How To Stop Sony From Jumping I Became A Dog?

Readers ask: How To Stop Sony From Jumping I Became A Dog?

How do you keep Sony alive in I became a dog?

As Sony is a jumping dog, stop him from jumping, then help him out. Do all the quests for Tomy, then refuse her gift so she could give it to James, effectively killing him.

How many endings are there in I became a dog?

I Became a Dog is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you literally play as a human who became a dog. You have five different achievable endings in this game, and a LOT of puzzles to solve in order to figure out how to get all of those endings.

What do I do if I became a dog?

Basically, all you have to do is to level up your language and talk to the dogs. Eventually, they will start giving you quests and you have to complete them one after another in order to complete the game. There’s no other way around this. So talk to the dogs until you understand them, they will give you quests.

How do you get ending 5 in I became a dog 2?

Ending 5 requirement: The dog locked up has to survive. Use the healing potion on the man first. Then find the hidden dog food, the big bag, and the big bag keys.

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How do you get ending 5 in I became a dog 3?

Ending 5 Condition

  1. Sam enters the air vent before the main character gets caged.
  2. Nancy is rescued.
  3. A dried rat is given to the dog in the air vent’s secret room.
  4. The sculpture is activated and the hidden room is opened.

Who is James in I became a dog?

James is a white dog with a stubby tail, floppy black ears and dark eyes, possibly with slanting black spots over them. He has large, wide jowls and his tongue is always hanging out.

How do you capture Julia in I became a dog?

After you fail to catch him, trap Julia in the room with Tomy, by barking for food in there, then closing the entrance back up. The dog food is now yours and yours alone.

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