Quick Answer: Where Can I Buy Jumping Clay?

Quick Answer: Where Can I Buy Jumping Clay?

How long does jumping Clay take to dry?

Save your oven for the deliciously healthy treats that they deserve as there’s NO BAKING required with JumpingCLAY. Simply leave finished pieces to air dry naturally. Your finished models will dry, perfectly formed, without any sign of cracks, crumbs, faded colours or unwanted shrinkage within 24-48 hours.

What is jumping clay?

What is Jumping Clay? JumpingClay is a jasmine scented, mess free clay that when you roll into a ball, bounces when thrown or dropped. A non-toxic clay composed of water dissolving fillers which allowing it to dry slowly, preventing any cracks from forming.

How do you revive jumping clay?

Method 1 of 3: Reviving Air-Dry Clay

  1. Work with the air-dry clay a little.
  2. Place the air-dry clay into a sealable plastic bag.
  3. Sprinkle the clay with just a few drops of water.
  4. Seal the bag and set aside.
  5. Remove the air-dry clay from the bag.
  6. If needed, return the air-dry clay to the bag.
  7. Remove the clay again and knead.

Who created jumping clay?

Jumping Clay is a known established brand name in Korea, and its clay products are developed and manufactured by JumpingClay Co. Ltd, a company that started business since 1998.

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What is the difference between jumping clay and polymer clay?

Clay art is definitely fun and exciting especially when you can create almost anything from a slab of clay. More videos on YouTube.

Polymer Clay Light Air Dry Clay
More durable after bake, waterproof and long lasting Tends to dissolve in heat or water


How do you make soft clay jump?

So.. how do you soften air drying clay??

  1. Basically…. you get your clay. You get a couple of plastic bags (with no holes in them) and a cup of water.
  2. Place the clay in the bag. Poke a few times with a knife to make some holes.
  3. Add the water.
  4. Seal the bag and leave for a day.
  5. You will now have very soft clay indeed.

Does Argos sell clay?

Dough & Modelling Toys | Modelling Clays | Argos.

How do you make clay?


  1. Stir salt and water in a saucepan over heat 4-5 minutes.
  2. Remove from heat; add cornstarch and cold water.
  3. Stir until smooth; return to heat and cook until thick.
  4. Allow the clay to cool, then shape as desired.
  5. When dry, decorate with paint, markers, glitter, and so on.

How do you make Modelling clay?

Sculpting clay is a brilliant way to ignite your creativity. However, these five useful tips will teach you how to make clay sculptures, from the initial idea to how to improve.

  1. Envision the final piece.
  2. Test clay for wetness.
  3. Build forms cleverly.
  4. Avoid protruding shapes.
  5. Look out for a local studio.

How can I reuse hard clay?

Reusing Dry Clay

  1. Step 1: Get Water! Fill up a bowl of water that will be big enough to store your dry clay into.
  2. Step 2: Put Your Dry Clay in It. Place your dry clay into the water.
  3. Step 3: PASTE!
  4. Step 4: Drain.
  5. Step 5: WAIT EVEN LONGER.
  6. Step 6: FINALLY
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How do you attach clay to itself?

Vinegar: Since clay is slightly alkaline, the acidity of vinegar makes it act like a glue for clay. Apply it to both surfaces and press the pieces directly together without slipping or scoring. Magic Water: Lana Wilson is the originator of this now-favorite solution of many.

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