Quick Answer: How Much Are Jumping Castles?

Quick Answer: How Much Are Jumping Castles?

How much do bouncing castles cost?

A commercial bounce house typically costs between $1,000 and $3,000, on average. Other commercial grade inflatables can cost even more.

What can I have instead of a bouncy castle?

Inflatable slide hire Our inflatable slides are a really great alternative to a full bouncy castle if you’re still looking for something fun and inflatable that can provide endless hours of entertainment for your guests.

What age are bouncy castles for?

Safety Guide- The bouncy castle should be situated away from any fences, greenhouses, branches, etc., which would be dangerous should a child fall onto them. Consider limiting use to children 6 years of age and older. Kids should take off footwear, eyeglasses and jewelry before getting on the set.

How much does a moon jump cost?

Larger bounces houses or moon bounces with inflatable slides can easily cost up to $500 to rent for the day. Bounce House Rental Prices.

National Average Cost $210
Minimum Cost $100
Maximum Cost $640
Average Range $140 to $280

Is buying a bounce house worth it?

In the long run, purchasing your own bounce house online will be more cost-effective than renting. Most parents would get their money back after 2 or 3 rentals (depending on the size and model of the inflatable ). Renting a bounce house is typically only an economical option for folks who require it for a single event.

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Can you put a bounce house on concrete?

A bounce house can be set up and used on concrete if the area is relatively flat and solid. It’s recommended that a tarp be placed under the bounce house to protect from rubbing and wearing thin against the concrete. Sandbags, water bags, or concrete blocks can be used to anchor the bounce house in place.

What is a disco dome?

The Large Disco Dome gets you in the mood to dance like never before. Produced with electrifying colors, you’ll experience powerful music and illuminating lights while bouncing. Includes a bluetooth speaker with disco lights fitted securely inside the Disco Dome.

How dangerous are bouncy castles?

Putting fun aside, bouncy castles do expose your kids to a level of danger. According to emergency room data, more than 40% of kids’ injuries result from these so it’s justified to be asking are bouncy castles safe. As children enjoy laughing and jumping around, there are high chances of colliding.

Are bouncing castles dangerous?

The frequency of injuries sustained while playing on inflatable toys such as bouncy castles have rapidly increased. These supposedly safe structures are likely unsafe. The objective of this review was to investigate the risk that these attractions represent and the necessary measures to minimize risk of accidents.

Is a bounce house safer than a trampoline?

Trampolines are generally considered less safe, though, for two reasons. First, they make use of a steel frame, unlike bounce houses, which are purely supported by pressurized air. Second, without the safety net, a trampoline can send a child flying to the ground in a dangerous way.

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Why is it called a moon bounce?

The word moon bounce is used to describe the experience. Early amusement rides that were at the traveling carnivals coined this terminology as a marketing piece. With the excitement of the space missions going on in the USA, you to could experience what it was like to bounce on the moon.

What is the best bounce house to buy?

Best Bounce Houses Of 2020

  • KidWise Endless Fun 11-in-1 Water Slide Bounce House.
  • KidWise Double Shot Bouncer.
  • KidWise Party Bouncer With Slide.
  • KidWise Little Star Bounce House With Ball Pit.
  • Bounceland Pop Star Bounce House With Slide.
  • Rainbow Castle Combo Wet n Dry w/ Large Slide.
  • Bounceland Wizard Magic Bounce House.

What does Moon Bounce mean?

(countable) Alternative spelling of moon bounce. (uncountable) (amateur radio) A form of transmission in which the signal is reflected off the Moon, so that it can be picked up on Earth wherever the Moon is above the horizon.

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