Quick Answer: Harry Potter Lego Game What To Do With Brown Jumping Chest?

Quick Answer: Harry Potter Lego Game What To Do With Brown Jumping Chest?

What do you do with the barrel in Harry Potter Lego?

You can put the empty keg barrel on Hagrid’s head and walk around with it. fixes a spring which Harry can use to bounce onto a gutter to collect some studs. you into the air.

How do you get rid of the gnomes in Lego Harry Potter?

Use Wingardium Leviosa magic on each of them. You’ll have to do so twice on each gnome. The first hit will lift them into the air, while a second use of your magic will set them to spinning. Release them to throw them into the surrounding area.

How do you jump over fire in LEGO Harry Potter?

You need to get to Harry. Destroy the white banner and construct (WL) a trampoline from the bricks, thanks to which you will be able to jump over the flames #1. Destroy the chest blocking the water barrel #2 so that it can put out the fire.

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How do you get the Transfiguration in Lego Harry Potter?

(Left Image) Transfiguration magic can be learned by hitting the mechanical fellows with charged magic blasts. (Right Image) Defeat the gremlins in the classroom with Immobilus magic. Things seem to go most smoothly if you do so from the top of a table.

How do you save your game on Lego Harry Potter?

There’s no “ save and exit” option. Answer: There is no save -and-exit when you play the game in story mode, you have to complete the level in order to save your progress.

How do you get evil characters in LEGO Harry Potter?

Crouch Jr. is the easiest to get, but if you go for Tom Riddle, you’ll get a goblin, a dark wizard, AND a Slytherin all at once, so it’ll probably be the better option anyway. Basically, once you get Reducto, go to 1-1 and get Griphook out of a locked chest, then take him to 2-6 to open a goblin vault for Tom Riddle.

Where is Ginny in Lego Harry Potter?

Ginny (Cardigan) – Outside of Hogwarts, near Hagrid’s Hut, go to the south to find a pixie holding up a blue rocket. Get rid of it and then light up the rocket to cause this token to appear. Get the flying pumpkin from the other pixie and then fly on up to it.

How do you beat the Death Eater in Lego Harry Potter Year 3?

Destroy the planks and boxes lying on the ground, then pick up the last ingredient for your Strength Potion. Drink the potion and pull the chain by the gate. After the cutscene’s over, you have to defeat a group of Death Eater foes in three waves. Keep moving as you repeatedly fire blasts of magic at your enemies.

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How do you unlock the dark wizard in Lego Harry Potter?

How to unlock the Dark Wizards achievement. To find the Professor Quirrell (Voldemort) character token, you must enter Year 1, Chapter 6 – Face of the Enemy in Free Play. Once you reach the room with the chess board, look on the left side of the room for a dark magic object.

What do first years learn in Transfiguration?

Transfiguration was a core class and subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Uagadou School of Magic. It taught the art of changing the form and appearance of an object or a person.

What is the transfiguration spell in Harry Potter?

Transfiguration is the family of magical spells that are used for changing objects from one type of thing into another. At Hogwarts, Transfiguration is taught by Professor Minerva McGonagall.

Where is transfiguration class in Harry Potter game?

Classroom 1B, also known as the Transfiguration Classroom, was a classroom on the ground-floor of Hogwarts Castle, accessible from the Middle Courtyard.

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