Question: Who Is The Narrator In The Book The Notorious Jumping Frog?

Question: Who Is The Narrator In The Book The Notorious Jumping Frog?

Who is the narrator in The Notorious Jumping Frog?

The story includes only three main characters: the narrator, Simon Wheeler and Jim Smiley. The narrator talks to Simon Wheeler, whom his friend asked him to talk to about the whereabouts of the Reverend Leonidas Smiley. Wheeler is a good-natured man who has the gift of gab.

What did the narrator do at the end of The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County?

In the end, the narrator leaves without listening to the following story about the one-eyed cow: [Here Simon Wheeler heard his name called from the front yard, and got up to see what was wanted.]

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Who were the characters in Mark Twain’s The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County?

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Character List

  • The Narrator.
  • The Narrator’s Friend.
  • Leonidas W.
  • Simon Wheeler.
  • Jim Smiley.
  • Andrew Jackson.
  • The Fifteen-Minute Nag.
  • Dan’l Webster.

What was Jim Smiley weakness?

An honest and hardworking man, Smiley never cheats in his bets and instead spends his efforts training his weak -looking animals—including his mare, his bulldog named Andrew Jackson, and his frog named Dan’l Webster—to be unlikely champions.

Is Leonidas Smiley real?

Smiley is a myth; that my friend never knew such a personage; and that he only conjectured that if I asked old Wheeler about him, it would remind him of his infamous Jim Smiley, and he would go to work and bore me to death with some exasperating reminiscence of him as long and as tedious as it should be useless to me.

What does the stranger do to Jim’s frog?

When he knows he has a frog that can beat any other frog, he starts betting. He names the frog Dan’l Webster. Smiley bets a stranger that his frog can beat any other frog. The stranger takes the challenge, so Smiley goes off and catches a frog in the marsh for the stranger.

How much does Jim Smiley bet on his frog?

The stranger’s frog jumps away while Dan’l does not budge, and the surprised and disgusted Jim pays the $40 wager.

What is the moral of the celebrated jumping frog?

By Mark Twain Nonetheless, the story poses a moral distinction between honest and dishonest cleverness. It also shows that you don’t necessarily have to be educated and well spoken to be clever, nor is a good education a defense against getting fooled.

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What is ironic about Smiley’s losing the bet?

Smiley thinks he is sure to win the bet he makes with the stranger, especially since Smiley goes out and personally catches a frog for the stranger to bet on. The irony is that the stranger is not such a sucker as he appears to be. Smiley loses forty dollars. This is a typical story of a trickster out-tricked.

What is the most dominant character trait of Jim Smiley?

Jim is opportunistic, obsessive, sneaky, and ultimately naive. 1. Jim is opportunistic: the storyteller, Simon Wheeler, describes Jim as “lucky,” but really Jim’s supposed luck comes from his habit of taking advantage of any situation he thinks might earn him some money.

What is the irony in The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County?

The main irony in “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County ” is that Jim Smiley is outfoxed by the stranger. According to Simon Wheeler: Smiley was monstrous proud of his frog, and well he might be, for fellers that had traveled and been everywheres, all said he laid over any frog that ever they see.

How did the stranger get Smiley to leave him alone with the frog?

How did the stranger get Smiley to leave him alone with the frog? He said he had no frog. As soon as he got the money, the stranger ran off without a word. After he discovered that the frog had been weighted, Smiley forced the stranger to give back the money.

How does the narrator hear the story of the jumping frog?

How does the narrator hear the story of the jumping frog? The narrator hears the story from old Simon Wheeler. What is Smiley always willing to do? Smiley is always willing to take a bet.

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Why is the Calaveras County jumping frog contest so popular?

The first real frog-jumping contest was organized in 1928 to celebrate the paving of Angel Camp’s Main Street. Over the years, the contest has become the most popular attraction at the Angel Camp annual fair, which also includes music, a craft show, local talent and the Miss Calaveras Scholarship Pageant.

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