Question: Where Is Jumping Rock Lake Oconee?

Question: Where Is Jumping Rock Lake Oconee?

Where is the jumping rock on Lake Oconee?

The Rock is located on the south end of the lake before you get to the dam and is accessible only by water. The GPS coordinates are 33.37912365108089, -83.18434546931657.

Is Lake Oconee a man made lake?

You would think ” Lake Country” would mean the area had a plethora of natural lakes, but there are only two lakes and both of them are man made. Lake Sinclair and Lake Oconee were each created by the damming of the Oconee River that flows through east-central Georgia.

How do I get to Lake Oconee?


  1. Take I-285 E toward Macon for 14.3 miles.
  2. Merge onto I-20 E/GA-402 E via Exit 46 B toward Augusta for 62.5 miles.
  3. Take the GA-44 exit, Exit 130, toward Greensboro/Eatonton.
  4. At top of ramp, take a right onto GA-44/ Lake Oconee Parkway for 7.1 miles.
  5. Turn left onto Linger Longer Road and go approximately 1 mile.

Are Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair connected?

Are Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair connected? No, they are separated by the Wallace Dam.

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What county is Lake Oconee in?

Lake Oconee Area | Greene County, GA.

What is the cleanest lake in Georgia?

Lake Allatoona is one of the cleanest lakes in Georgia and is used as drinking water by nearby towns. The lake has eight full-service marinas where people can rent, buy, or store boats. The area also has playgrounds, picnic areas, and swimming beaches.

Is Lake Oconee a good place to live?

You may have already heard the news that Harbor Club on Lake Oconee won the Bliss Award for Best Georgia Community of the Year. There were tons of factors that went into that important decision by the team at Real Estate Scorecard. This 19,000-acre body of water represents one of the best places to live in Georgia.

Is Lake Oconee dirty?

Because neither river flows through a major major, the lake is incredibly clean. Because Georgia Power owns the area around the lake, of this, they do not allow any buildings, septic tanks, or lines close to the water. This prevents leaks, spills, and keeps the lake clean and safe.

Does Lake Oconee have alligators?

lake oconee alligators. Alligators are about eight to ten inches in length when born. Along the shores of Lake Oconee is an opportunity to escape from the noise of Georgia’s capital city.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Oconee?

Each has experienced an influx of residents and businesses since the formation of the lake. Formed by the Oconee and Apalachee rivers, Lake Oconee is environmentally safe, since neither of the rivers pass through an industrial based city.

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What is the water temperature of Lake Oconee?

Lake Oconee’s current water temperature is 79°F.

Why is Lake Oconee so muddy?

A series of weather fronts with heavy rains has brought high muddy or it least very heavily stained water into Lakes Sinclair and Oconee. Many anglers hate to see this happen and allow the muddy water to turn them off from fishing.

What’s the deepest lake in Georgia?

Carters Lake is a man-made reservoir located on the Coosawattee River in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Gilmer and Murray counties in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is the state’s deepest lake.

Does GA have any natural lakes?

The natural water bodies that occur in Georgia are primarily located in the southern part of the state in the Coastal Plain, where sinkhole lakes and isolated wetlands in natural shallow depressions largely fed by rain and shallow groundwater, called Carolina bays..” From the Georgia DNR website, it also says there are

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