Question: In The Story The Notorious Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County What Do The Names Stand For?

Question: In The Story The Notorious Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County What Do The Names Stand For?

Why is the frog named Daniel Webster?

Dan ‘l Webster is the jumping frog that Smiley bets on. He is named after Daniel Webster, a great American statesman and orator. Smiley says that his frog is very educatated (at least as much as frogs can be). So he may have named him because both the frog and the man were exceptionally brilliant.

What is the name of the Frog in The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County?

He catches a frog, whom he names Dan’l Webster, and spends three months training it to jump. When a stranger visits the camp, Jim shows off Dan’l and offers to bet $40 that it can out-jump any other frog in Calaveras County.

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What is Twain’s main purpose in telling the story of the notorious jumping frog?

Mark Twain’s main purpose for writing was to entertain. He wanted to make people laugh and entertain them with his silly writing style and funny characters.

What is the name of another animal that Smiley had bet on?

He names the frog Dan’l Webster. Smiley bets a stranger that his frog can beat any other frog. The stranger takes the challenge, so Smiley goes off and catches a frog in the marsh for the stranger.

Why is Smiley so proud of his frog?

The first reason Smiley is proud of his frog is because his frog is an amazing jumper. Readers are told that the frog is ” so gifted” and that the frog’s strong suit is jumping on level ground. The second reason that Smiley is proud is because his frog has become famous. Men from “everywheres” have heard about the frog.

What was Jim Smiley weakness?

An honest and hardworking man, Smiley never cheats in his bets and instead spends his efforts training his weak -looking animals—including his mare, his bulldog named Andrew Jackson, and his frog named Dan’l Webster—to be unlikely champions.

Why did the stranger fill the frog with quail shot?

The stranger does not have a frog, so Smiley goes off to the swamp to procure another and, while he is gone, the stranger feeds Dan’l Webster some ” quail shot ” to make him heavier and, therefore, unable to jump high.

How did Smiley train the frog to jump?

Answer: For three months, Jim Smiley did nothing but sit in his backyard and teach his pet frog, Dan’l Webster, how to jump higher. Smiley trained the frog to jump on command when he tapped its back, and he taught it to catch any fly with its tongue, no matter the distance.

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Why does Jim’s frog lose?

Why does Jim’s frog lose? He’s been poisoned. He’s too tired. The stranger’s frog is a world champion jumper.

What is the message of The Celebrated Jumping Frog?

One of the main themes in “ Jumping Frog ” is deceitfulness and lies as well as the fine line that exists between cunningness and deceitfulness. In the story, Jim Smiley often uses ordinary or unnoticeable animals to win his bets, underdogs that come back and win at the last minute.

What is the conflict in the celebrated jumping frog?

The inciting incident, the conflict, in the plot is Jim Smiley making a bet with his ” celebrated jumping frog.” The rising action creates suspense for the reader when the challenger fills the frog with buckshot (little metal balls) in order to keep the frog from jumping.

What is the significance of the frog race?

What is the significance of the frog race? I believe that the Mark Twain chose to use frogs because of their color. Green is usually the symbol for greed in North American society; therefore, I think it was an excellent choice for Twain to use frog racing to display Jim Smiley’s hunger winning.

Why does Smiley get angry?

Smiley was hoping to convince the stranger to bet on how well Dan’l could jump. Dan’l looked like he had something wrong with him, and Smiley was worried. Simon Wheeler had cheated on a bet, and Smiley was angry.

Who wins the bet Smiley or the stranger?

While Smiley is gone, the stranger fills Webster with quail-shot so that he can’t jump. This enables the stranger to win the competition and take off with Smiley’s 40 dollars.

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What animals does Jim Smiley own?

The names of Jim Smiley ‘s two prized pets, Dan’l Webster and Andrew Jackson (his frog and bulldog, respectively), symbolize regional differences in the country because the names hearken back to two important politicians hailing from different parts of the country who fought each other’s policies.

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