Question: How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Jumping Castle?

Question: How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Jumping Castle?

How much does a jumpy house cost?

A consumer bounce house only costs around $200 to $300, or even cheaper. Meanwhile, an equally-sized commercial bounce house can cost $1000 or more.

How much is it to hire a bouncing castle?

Normally the cost to hire a bouncy castle in London ranges between £90 to £240. Based on the requirement and the number of toddlers/kids/adults to accommodate, you can choose the best equipment at an affordable cost from Ready Steady Bounce.

How do I start a bouncy castle rental business?

How to Start a Bouncy Castle Hire Business

  1. Research Your Target Location.
  2. Bouncy Castle Recommendations.
  3. Equipment you’ll need.
  4. Finding Customers & Getting Bookings.
  5. Be prepared for customer questions.
  6. Get Yourself Covered.
  7. Safety.
  8. Keep a track of your finances.

What is the average size of a bounce house?

On average, the standard size of a commercial grade bounce house is 15 x 15 feet, not 13 x 13 or 15 x 20 foot. There are many models are larger or smaller, but 15 x 15 foot is the average size of a bounce house that suitable for anyone of any age. This size of jumping castle can generally fit between 5 to 10 people.

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Is buying a bounce house worth it?

In the long run, purchasing your own bounce house online will be more cost-effective than renting. Most parents would get their money back after 2 or 3 rentals (depending on the size and model of the inflatable ). Renting a bounce house is typically only an economical option for folks who require it for a single event.

Is a bounce house business profitable?

Starting an inflatable bounce house business can be a very profitable home business or a lucrative full time operation. The Inflatable Party Rental Business is growing in excess of $3.5 Billion a year.

What’s the smallest bouncy castle you can hire?

The 8ft x 10ft Children’s Celebrations bouncy castle is the smallest bouncy castle in our range; it requires only about 10ft x 16ft feet of floor area to set it up.

Can I put a bouncy castle in a public park?

It’s unlikely that you will get permission for a bouncy castle in a public space. There are lots of implications regarding insurance, liability etc. Some parks would have a blanket ban on bbq’s too.

Do I need insurance to rent out bouncy castles?

Absolutely YES you definitely need public liability insurance if you are hiring out bouncy castles or inflatables to the general public. There are lots of insurance companies that specifically deal with leisure insurance lie hiring out bouncy castles etc.

Are bouncy castles a good investment?

Hiring out bouncy castles and inflatables is a really great business to be in either full time or part time, and the rewards can be high. As well as the “fun factor”, i.e. delighting children, and their parents, or adults, at an adult party, the monetary rewards and cash-flow can be excellent.

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How long does it take to make a bouncy castle?

Normally from start to finish, an experienced manufacturer could make a bouncy castle in about a day.

How many kids can fit in a bounce house?

Most Bounce Houses and Combo Units can accommodate up to 7 at a time (keeping in mind they are all the same age and physical ability). Combo unit can accommodate more kids simply because it separates the kids doing different actives (ie. Sliding, getting back in, climbing up the stairs, etc).

How much space do you need for a bouncy castle?

How much space is needed for the equipment? You will need to allow a minimum of 5 feet at the front and rear of the inflatable bouncy castle and 2 feet either side. This is to allow access and the blower at the rear. For example, a 15ft by 15ft inflatable would require a minimum clear space of 20ft by 17ft.

What is the weight limit for a bouncy castle?

Each bouncer will have its own weight limit specification. But as a general rule, a commercial bounce house should be capable of handling anywhere from 300 to 1,000 pounds at a time (depending on the unit).

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