Often asked: How To Tell What Size Jumping Saddle You Are?

Often asked: How To Tell What Size Jumping Saddle You Are?

How do you know what size saddle seat?

Seat size simply measures the distance from the base of the horn to the top middle of the cantle. This distance is then expressed as a size in half-inch increments from 12 inches to 17 inches.

How do I know if my saddle fits my rider?

So how do you know if a saddle fits the rider? There used to be the “one hand” rule: if the saddle was correct for the rider, the rider should be able to put one hand across the saddle seat between the back of their butt and the end of the cantle.

How do you determine the width of a saddle?

Place the foil or cardboard on a carpeted stair and sit down, then pick up your feet to mimic your riding position. When you stand up there should be two depressions left by your sit bones. Measure the distance between the centres of the depressions and add 25 to 30mm to find your ideal saddle width.

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How do I know if my saddle is too small for my rider?

While you don’t generally see many people riding in saddles that are too large, it’s common to see riders in saddles that are too small. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to fit at least a four-finger width between the end of your seat and the cantle. Any less than that and the saddle is too small.

How do you make sure your saddle fits your horse?

English Saddle Fitting Guidelines

  1. Position the saddle correctly on your horse’s back.
  2. Test wither clearance.
  3. Check the relationship of the pommel to the cantle.
  4. Check to see if the seat is level.
  5. Tree width does not necessarily ensure a proper saddle fit.
  6. Check channel or gullet clearance.

Is my saddle too narrow?

If the saddle is too narrow, the pommel will be too high at the front throwing the rider’s weight to the rear and putting weight and pressure through the loin area of the horse. ‘ By bridging we mean that there is not full contact by the panels all along the length of the saddle onto the horse’s back.

How do I make a too wide saddle fit?

When a saddle is just a bit too wide all over, using a thick saddle pad can improve the fit. A thicker pad will help to fill in the space between your horse’s back and the saddle, resulting in a snugger, and usually more even fit.

How do you tell if your western saddle fits you?

Two fingers should fit between the swells of the saddle and your leg. If you can fit your whole hand, the saddle is too big and you could flop around instead of being secure. If you can’t even squeeze a finger, the saddle is too tight, and will be very uncomfortable.

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What should saddle sweat marks look like?

Here is how the theory goes. When you take your saddle off at the end of a ride you should see even sweat marks on both sides of the spine that resemble the bottom the saddle. If you see dry areas, it is supposed to mean that the pressure there was so high that it shut down the sweat glands.

What size is a 7 inch gullet?

Gullet Size Chart

Gullet Size Inches
Narrow 6”
Medium or Average 6.5”
Wide 7 ”
Extra Wide 8”

What size is a wide saddle?

Make sure you can fit 2-3 fingers in between the horse’s withers and the front of the saddle. If you can fit less than 2 fingers between the saddle and the withers, the saddle is probably too wide for your horse. If you can fit more than 3 fingers, your saddle is probably too wide.

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