Often asked: How To Get Tohidden Garden Jumping Puzzle?

Often asked: How To Get Tohidden Garden Jumping Puzzle?

Where is the hidden garden jumping puzzle?

Hidden Garden is a jumping puzzle in Dierdre’s Steps, east of the Infinite Coil Reactor in Mount Maelstrom.

How do you get to Dierdre’s steps?

This area is accessible through a Mysterious Portal created after defeating one of the elemental Keepers. Getting thereEdit

  1. Defeat the Keepers of Earth: The Sootberme, southeast of the.
  2. Defeat the Keeper of Light: The Ashen Waste, north then slightly west of the Avernan Waypoint — [&BM8CAAA=] south of the.

Where is the Sylvan chest?

Sylvan Chest is the final reward of the Hidden Garden, located in Dierdre’s Steps. Four elemental fragments need to be collected in order to open the chest.

Where is Mount maelstrom gw2?

Mount Maelstrom is a high level zone on the southern tip of the Steamspur Mountains. It’s named after a massive volcano that caused the previously snow-capped region to melt. The Crucible of Eternity, an Inquest lab, can be found here as well.

How do you get Skyscale gw2?

You will need all episodes of Living World Season 4 to unlock a Skyscale. At least one character will need to have completed Episode 6 War Eternal chapter 5: Descent to be able to start this collection.

How do I get infinite coil reactor?

A gate on the western part of the reactor serves as the entry point. If the gate is locked, Toil for the Coil is the meta event chain necessary to enter the reactor.

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How do I get to Jahai Bluffs?

To get to Jahai Bluffs, you will require to have GW2 core game, Path of Fire expansion pack and active Living World Season 4. Jahai Bluffs Zone is suitable for heroes at experience level 80. Jahai Bluffs does not count towards world completion.

How do I get to Thunderhead peaks?

Getting thereEdit

  1. Complete the Story mission Scion & Champion from Living World Season 4, episode 5: All or Nothing.
  2. Using a Thunderhead Peaks Teleportation Scroll after unlocking it on one character.
  3. Using Teleport to Friend on a party member in the zone, if the Living World episode has been unlocked.

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