FAQ: How Do I Fix My Sprite Jumping Too High?

FAQ: How Do I Fix My Sprite Jumping Too High?

How do you make a scratch sprite jump smoothly?

Jumping with Scratch

  1. Make a character and several platforms.
  2. Use the space bar to make your character jump.
  3. Create a variable for YVelocity (the falling speed)
  4. Introduce gravity so that your character falls.
  5. Let’s re-code our jump using YVelocity so that our cat jumps smoothly.

How do you not double jump in scratch?

as gravity. make sure that the if in the jump script is not in a forever in the left and right movement script or if you jump and move at the same time, it wont move it only will jump. block is what prevents the double jump.

How do you move smoothly in scratch?

Create two key-press events. Add two “change x by” blocks to make the sprite move both left and right. Add two “repeat until” blocks to make the sprite move more smoothly.

How do you make a solid Sprite?

The easy method, and the hard method. The easy method is make your level our of a sprite with no background and use simply say if touching that sprite, u do the last movement or make all walls the same colour and use if touching that colour. While this works, it can create a jittering/jumping effect.

How do you make a sprite collide in scratch?

Detect collision with the Ground sprite

  1. Click the Ground sprite and then click the Scripts tab.
  2. Drag the following blocks into the Scripts Area and select Player in the TOUCHING block.
  3. Click the Green Flag button. If the player floats to the ground, the game should end as soon as they collide.

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