FAQ: Gw2 What Was The Daily Jumping Puzzle 1/24/17?

FAQ: Gw2 What Was The Daily Jumping Puzzle 1/24/17?

What is the hardest jumping puzzle gw2?

Skipping stones is the hardest jumping puzzle, hands down.

How many jumping puzzles are there in gw2?

A total of 44 jumping puzzle achievements can be attained. Jumping Puzzles.

Jumping Puzzles (General) Total achievements: 44 1 440
Antre of Adjournment 10
Craze’s Folly 10
Complete the jumping puzzle.Delve into the Separatist hideout. Suggested Locations: Blazeridge Steppes Puzzle Achievement 10
Crimson Plateau 10


Where can I find jumping puzzles gw2?

List of jumping puzzles Edit. Entrance under the water east of the waypoint, or up the cliff southeast of it. Rock structure south of the waypoint, entrance is on its southeast corner. Just north of the waypoint.

How do I get to the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle?

Hidden Garden is a jumping puzzle east of the Infinite Coil Reactor in Mount Maelstrom. To get here, you must complete an event to kill one of four keepers that spawn across the Mount Maelstrom zone. Once defeated a portal to the Hidden Garden will open.

How do I get to Ember Bay?

In order to reach it, one can use one of the following methods:

  1. Use an Ember Bay Portal Scroll.
  2. Use a Lava Lounge Pass/Lava Lounge Pass (2 weeks).
  3. Complete the Rising Flames instance Taimi’s Game – the first story step of Episode 2 from Living World Season 3.
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How do I get to Malchor’s leap gw2?

Getting thereEdit From Straits of Devastation: The portal is southwest of Sentry Waypoint in Sentry Steppes. From Cursed Shore: The portal is at Pursuit Pass Waypoint in Pursuit Pass.

How do you get new mounts in gw2?

They are available exclusively through the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion. Two additional mounts can be obtained through the Living World Season 4. The Roller Beetle can be obtained in episode 3, Long Live the Lich, and the Skyscale can be obtained in episode 6, War Eternal.

How do I get to the top of sanctum of Nabkha?

The Sanctum of Nabkha can be accessed either by using a Springer to climb the walls south of Kusini Water Hole followed by heading east through the ruins, or by use of the Griffon Mount.

How do you get to Caledon Forest?

Getting thereEdit From Metrica Province: The portal to Caledon Forest is in the east of Metrica Province, east of the Hexane Regrade Waypoint. This waypoint can be found east of “Hexane Regrade” on the map. The portal comes out in Caledon Forest in the Trader’s Green, just west of the Town of Cathal Waypoint.

How do I get to a hidden garden gw2?

There is a unique method for reaching the area. Players must find 1 of 4 events in Mount Maelstrom and slay the elemental keeper (soloable). Once defeated, a Mysterious Portal to 1 of 4 different locations in Dierdre’s Steps will open and you may go to the Hidden Garden area. The portal remains open for about a minute.

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How do you get Dierdre’s steps?

Getting thereEdit This area is accessible through a Mysterious Portal created after defeating one of the elemental Keepers. Each is in a different area and opens a gate to a different start in Dierdre’s Steps. Each keeper takes roughly 15 minutes to reappear.

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